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Recent HP Junior Varsity News

Robby Sours wins Thomas G. Nelson Award

By Jason Bush 06/24/2020, 3:00pm CDT

2020 Varsity Awards

The HPHA and Coach Jeff Lewin recognized Robby Sours with the Thomas G. Nelson Award last night at a team dinner for the Varsity team.  "The Thomas G. Nelson Award honors a player who has positively impacted the Varsity team as a role model both on and off the ice, a mentor, a motivator, and an encourager.  The recipient is a young man who is respected by his teammates and who has demonstrated effective leadership of the team. Named after Tommy Nelson, the first captain of the Highland Park Varsity High School team, who exhibited these skills."  Coach Lewin said that Robby Sours lives up to every word of the description of the award. 

Congratulations Robby!

Haasz & Thomas Win JV Scotsman Award!

By Jason Bush 06/21/2020, 2:45pm CDT

JV Scotsman Award Winners

Congratulations to Hudson Haasz and Beckett Thomas for being recognized with the HPHA JV Scotsman Award for the 2019-20 Season.  The JV Scotsman Award recognizes two JV players who have exhibited the skills, work ethic, and character to succeed and become an integral member of the Varsity team in future years.  

Way to go guys!